Hi, I’m Kara, the founder of Resulting Consulting!  An Atlanta native, my love for all things digital marketing started years ago as an every-curious Marketing student at the University of Georgia and I’ve never stopped learning. I live and breathe SEO, social, content, you name it!  And I want to help growing businesses like yours get the most bang for their buck when it comes to online marketing strategy.

So what sets me apart from other digital marketers?  I grew up with an entrepreneur. My father has owned his own business for over 25 years. It’s truly his other “baby” and he has devoted his life’s passion to evolving and growing it.  Seeing him tackle the ups and downs, the challenges and tribulations, as well as successes and unanticipated twists and turns have given me the deepest appreciation for what it takes to run, grow and evolve a business.  It’s about grit, incessant testing of new ideas and finding people who truly believe in your cause.  These are the business owners I want to help.  The ones who inspire me.  The ones who fight to succeed.

If you’ve reached us here, you might be asking yourself:

All great questions that you, unfortunately, don’t have the time to tackle to the degree they deserve.  And, of course you don’t… you have a business to run!  This is where we at Resulting Consulting come in.  You can think of us as your very own in-house marketing gurus.  We work with you to understand your vision, define your goals and then figure out your marketing strategy (whether a specific aspect like SEO or a holistic end-to-end audit and plan), so you can focus on your business.  No more stress.  No more guesswork.  Just results.

And that’s because at Resulting Consulting, results – metrics, data, measurable impact – are part of our DNA.  As I learned from my father, nothing counts unless it proves to impact your bottom line.  As they say, what gets measured gets managed.  So everything we create, test, and execute is built to have a measurable impact that we can analyze, tweak, and improve.  We want to help you solve real business problems with common-sense solutions fit for your unique needs.  We’re not about flashy jargon or theoretical solutions.  We’re about rolling up our sleeves and getting you the best bang for your buck, whatever that may entail.  Simply put, we GET STUFF DONE. From helping you manage your social media accounts to re-energizing your entire marketing strategy, we’re here for you and your business.  And you can be assured that as self-described digital nerds, our pulse is always on the latest trends, features and solutions so you never feel like you’re missing out on the next big thing that’s just the right fit for your business.

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