How to Get Your Visitors into Your Sales Funnel

Online marketing and sales is such a huge part of businesses today that understanding how to accomplish these things are essential to your success. This is the new trend in marketing, so it is time for you to master it for your business to thrive. You will learn how to get your visitors into this all important sales funnel through this step-by-step process.


Build a Sales Funnel

The fact is that if you don’t know how to build a sales funnel, you won’t have one to get visitors into. Learn about your direct and indirect competition to see what works for them and their business. Take this information and model your sales funnel after them without actually copying them. Learn about what goes in a sales funnel here to help you better create yours.



You need to educate your customers about your products and services. This process should be done without actually forcibly promoting your product. This step doesn’t involve persuasion; instead educate them about what solutions your target audience needs for a specific problem. Use things like infographics as an easy to digest way to educate your customers.


Never Force Your Product on Customers

Especially in the early stages of the sales funnel, you should never force your products on your customers. This will turn them off from your business and ultimately make them turn to a competitor for their products and services. You can educate them without actively persuading them.They are trying to learn what their options are, not having to have your product forced on them.


Use Webinars

At this point, things like webinars are great tools for helping your customers learn more about your product. This is still considered to be the “discovery” phase of the purchasing process, where customers are trying to discover all of their options without having to make an immediate decision on their purchases.


Answer the Most Important Question

Which is: What makes you unique? There are thousands of other companies that offer exactly the same products and services that you do. So what makes you stand out? Explain what makes you unique in a manner that isn’t overtly pushy or disparaging to your competition, primarily by highlighting the amazing benefits your customers get from your company.


Never Underestimate Demonstrations

Sometimes you just have to let your products show themselves off. Using demonstrations gives customers a closer look at what your products are can be the best way to educate your customers. Tutorials also offer the same affect, if this is something you are more comfortable with.


The Follow-Up

Sometimes the follow-up is the most important step. Return customers are the backbone of businesses. By the simple act of following up with your customers, you can inspire them to not only return to your business but to tell everyone they know about your business. This helps you to ensure customer satisfaction and teach you about how you can improve the experience for customers.

By following these steps, you are going to notice an improvement in getting customers into your sales funnel.