Brand Audit

Your brand is the face of your business. It is your identity and core image. Everything you want to communicate to the people visiting your businesses website and social media profile is done through good branding. Strong brands are more profitable and increase businesses value. Your brand is what makes you stand out from others. It enables you to have a premium, ensure customer preference in buying decisions, gain customer loyalty which reduces cost of sales and beat your competition.

Resulting Consulting’s independent and objective brand audit program detects areas for improvement, minimizes exposure to brand deviations and identifies threats to brand image and market drivers such as customer service, sales materials, POP signage and speed of service. This is an ongoing consulting program. We will assist you step by step in all the areas you may need.

We always recommend all our clients a thorough brand audit as part of any project. It allows us to get under the skin of your brand, providing further constructive insights beyond that provided by your brief or any existing understanding, we as an agency might have of your company. Some of the things we focus on during our audit are:

Creative Briefs

How good is your company when it comes to design? Is my branding uniform? How aesthetically pleasing are our designs? Are our themes and designs consistent?

Key Marketing Messages

We go through the key marketing messages communicated by your team to the users visiting your website or social media. Are these messages explaining the ‘why’ of your company or just ‘what’?

Tag Lines

Conveying your company’s goals and services in just a few words is an art only few people have. We audit the tag lines, mission, vision and value statement of your business and provide feedback.

Tone of Voice

How you communicate with your clients is extremely important when it comes to retention and business growth. We audit the tone-of-voice and writing style for each area of your company.

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