Content Marketing

To help convince potential customers to make a purchase, you need to give them something in return. This is how content marketing comes into play. Our highly skilled team will craft highly marketable content, eBooks, infographics and guides for your blog or website and market that content on social networks.

We research the topics and trends related to your industry, investigate the competition, gauge people’s level of interest and develop a long-term, ongoing strategy that showcases your expertise, highlights your unique strengths, and makes people stop, read, think, and act.

When you work with Resulting Consulting, you work directly with our team of marketers, website designers, and content writers. We treat each of our clients individually, and reaching your goals are our only priority. We believe that every website and business is unique, so we work with each company on individual basis to develop and execute a proper content marketing strategy. Here are the milestones we aim for

Traffic Generation

Our initial priority for new content marketing clients is to attract as many visitors as we can using infographics, blog posts and other content types.  When creating a new piece of content, we’ll work with a representative from your company to craft and curate the content that generates the most traffic.

Audience Engagement

Working from the data generated by our initial round of content posts, we hone in on the topics that your audience responds best to.  This allows us to use future content releases to build a base of repeat visitors who will keep coming back to your site long after our campaign is complete.

Converting Visitors

With an audience established, the final stage in our content marketing campaigns revolves around maximizing conversions amongst your new readers.  We track readers who convert and this gives content marketing professionals the data needed to make future content releases even more successful.

Getting Results

Using both the content marketing data gathered to this point and our extensive knowledge of digital marketing techniques, we’re able to transform your investment in content marketing into higher product sales and greater overall profitability.

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