Web Design is IMPORTANT!

(AKA “Get Those Vital Viral Views”)


A top imperative for a business (or a self-employed individual), is to have an online visibility for their potential customers. The advent of social media sites, online commerce, and other internet communities has drastically increased a need for a variety of digital representations. When you have an established presence on the internet, there exist better chances of selling your products to the right clients. Luckily for all those that are starting a new enterprise or expanding a current venture, building a website is no longer reserved just for the corporate titans or technologically savvy. Now it’s easy to create, maintain, and develop your web page in any aspect that warrants what you deem necessary in order to bring your business to the forefront of success!

Why US?

Resulting Consulting, LLC is a web design company that can provide a difference. We are professionals who transform your passions and ideas into a wonderfully crafted and unique website that is not only easy to navigate but can also educate your visitors about your products and services. These elements will ultimately provide an expanding improvement in your overall traffic and sales figures.

All our previous sites have been designed using the best web construction proficiencies and we combine it with several years of marketing insight to draft a layout for your site that you will love and adore. These years of experience in web design will also be a great benefit to your future customers as well. We can confidently say that we have been in this trade long enough to help properly identify what appeals to different types of customers and the subsequent designs that will fit your business needs and objectives.

By engaging our services, you enjoy:

  • Wonderfully designed websites which are tailored per business.
  • Optimal user experience.
  • No “drag and drop” or other prepackaged options.
  • Several years of experience in the web design industry.
  • Mobile-friendly sites.
  • Services from certified experts who have been trained to handle any and all tasks.
  • A 24/7 customer support system.


As a web design company, one of our founding goals is to provide clients with top-notch, creatively designed, and easy to navigate websites which will keep their visitors engaged and returning for their content and design. Creating an engaging site is only half the battle, you must funnel traffic to it. It’s like having this beautiful showroom but no one looking. Resulting Consulting will maximize your potential for success by thinking through all your sales funnel options, keywords, backlinks, and all that technical jargon. If you are unsure about the next step in your website, have no fear because Resulting Consulting is here!

Let us help you with one of the following:

  • Content Marketing: We engage in the distribution of your site content on major social media and online communities to increase your visibility and also overall market relevance.
  • Social media marketing: The social media is one of the best places where you can meet prospective clients and have them purchase your goods and services. We take your products to social media platforms by creating targeted ads which increases your business leads and increase the total number of sales.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Our SEO services are aimed at making your business rank higher in Google searches. This ranking does not just increase your site traffic but also the overall lead generation and sales.

Our Office

Address: 3605 Sandy Plains Rd
Ste 240-164, Marietta, GA 30066
Phone: 1-800-846-1339
Email: contact@resultingconsulting.com
Business Hours: 9-6:30 M-F.

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